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  • Advantages of NC feeder, NC servo Feeder

    Posted on by LIHAO Chris

    As a new type of high precision and high stability feeding equipment, the appearance of NC servo feeder is no accident, but has its inevitable reasons. First, because of the stamping industry on the precision of automation equipment requirements, roller feeder, air feeder These traditional feeding equipment can not fully meet the requirements of stamping production, so the manufacturer in the traditional feeder on the basis of R & amp; D and production of NC servo feeder;      Second, NC servo feeder itself has other feeding equipment can not achieve the advantages, it is based on these significant advantages, so that the NC servo feeder as soon as the emergence of the customer's widespread favor, and gradually replaced the roller feeder has become the most mainstream feeding equipment, with punch, Shearing machine, Hydraulic press and other processing equipment is widely used in automotive, hardware, electronics, computers and other manufacturing industries in a number of fields.

    The advantages of NC servo feeder, which is mainly embodied in five aspects:

    1、NC Servo Feeder Precision is high, it is the first CNC system into the feeding equipment, the realization of PLC, servo motor precise control feed drum to achieve stamping feed model, usually feed accuracy up to ±0.02mm, which is other feeding equipment far from reach;

    2、The scope of application is more extensive, NC servo feeder by the independent motor drive, at the same time has mechanical relaxation and pneumatic relaxation two ways, so that it is not limited by the installation equipment, not only can be used with the punch, but also with the shearing machine, hydraulic press, suitable for different material thickness, length does not have a wider range of application;

    3、Easy to operate, high degree of automation, less labor intensity, increase the time of effective work. Compared with the roller feeder before the use of the actual collocation of the mold to carry out the inch dynamic test machine, debugging a good material width, thickness, feeding step after the continuous stamping production, not only the adjustment is cumbersome, but also must be completed by professional and technical personnel. NC feeder does not need to consider so many factors at all, NC servo feeder using 7-inch touch screen point control operation mode, feed step distance, feed speed and other parameters can be simple and quick setting, save the season force.

    4、Multi-segment feeding, to meet the needs of specialized processing, in the use of multi-engineering progressive mold for stamping production, feeding step distance is often not exactly the same, at this time the ordinary feeder can no longer be used with, and NC servo feeder equipped with 10-segment feeding function, can fully meet the needs of customers multi-station mold;

    5、Energy saving, high reliability, NC servo feeder In the relaxation phase, the servo motor does not need to continue to operate energy storage, which greatly reduces the loss of energy, at the same time in the event of failure, with automatic diagnosis function, safe and reliable use.


    Features of NC servo Roller Feeder:

    1、NC Servo Roller Feeder using sophisticated Japanese Anchuan NC servo control system, simple and fast operation, effectively shorten the working preparation time, improve productivity;

    2、NC Servo Roller Feeder is developed by the long-term experience of force Hao machinery, emphasizing long-term use of load, long life, high precision and simple maintenance;

    3、NC Servo Roller Feeder is suitable for weighing machining with different material thickness and long feeding step distance.

    4、NC Servo Roller Feeder using man-machine interface operation, feeding length and speed and other parameters can be set arbitrarily, feeding length can be between 0.1mm-9999.99mm, with multi-project mold, multi-stage feeding;

    5、NC Servo Feeder According to the characteristics of the punch to choose mechanical or pneumatic relaxation;


    6、NC Servo Roller Feeder control box and body separation, to prevent vibration, easy to move. Equipped with material end detection function.

    NC Servo feeder is specially used for the transportation of metal coil materials, product application is also very extensive! In today's society, more and more industries will adopt mechanized transportation. This high-speed feeder has a very high accuracy, and environmental protection and time saving, but also greatly reduce the labor intensity, the real low cost, high return, in today's rapid development of the era, this automation products will be more and more manufacturers of favor and like!

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  • The difference between simple receiving frame and standard receiving frame

    Posted on by LIHAO Chris

    The simple receiving frame reel adopts seamless pipe turning molding, does not contain the material head clamping device, the tile width is narrow, the inner hole roundness after the receiving material is poor, the material head needs to be bent on the tile with manpower bending, using the edge of the tile to pull the material head coil round。This material rack needs to be used in conjunction with the Power rack. More suitable for less than 2mm, sub-finished product width below 200mm occasions.

     Standard receiving rack with automatic hydraulic jaws. Reel using 45# steel coil circle, jaws for 45# cast steel casting molding, all assembly molding after the overall processing and molding of the outer circle. The head of the material is automatically clamped by the jaws, and the roundness is good after receiving the material. can be applied to different material thickness and sub-strip finished material width of the use, the receiving rack also needs to be used with the power frame.

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  • Operation description and maintenance of half correction machine

    Posted on by LIHAO Chris

    Half of the orthosis since its appearance in the market, with its simple fuselage structure, simple and convenient operation, suitable for a variety of flatness requirements of metal sheet correction needs, used by small and medium-sized enterprises in all walks of life, because of its efficient, high quality, low fault characteristics to become the backbone of the feeder industry. Then in the use of the want to keep it in production has been high efficiency, low failure, the installation and commissioning process of the orthosis and daily maintenance is extremely important, the following will explain to you one by one:

    Operating instructions:

    (1).The half material orthosis is placed between the material frame and the punching machine, the center of the Orthosis Roller and the material center of the material frame, and the feeding center of the feeder is in a straight line. The distance between the orthosis and the material rack and feeder is shown in the figure below (which can be appropriately increased or decreased according to the thickness of the material)

    1. Incoming and outgoing rods (see Figure 1): A. Front of the feed rod, the back of a feed rod, feed from the front end feed rod through the roller to the other end of the discharge rod.
    2. The two retaining wheels on The feed rod are used for the left and right positioning of the fixed material. The material should not be locked too tightly, such as the material width 100mm retaining wheel opening needs 105mm.

    3, feed handle (see Figure 1): When feeding, put under the pressure, feed roller automatically open, the material placed in the feed roller, the hand pull, clamping material, can be used; 4, large handwheel (see Figure 1): Adjust the active feeding wheel and passive feeding wheel tightness, such as the material can not move forward, the large handwheel may be pressed, know the material sent out; Small handwheel (see Figure 1):

    1. Used to adjust the flatness of the corrective material. B. If the shape of the material "concave" indicates that the pressure is too tight, the small handwheel must be relaxed adjustment, such as the material shape "convex" indicates that the pressure is not tight enough, the small handwheel must be pressed tight adjustment; C. Adjust no more than 1/8 laps at a time and slowly adjust to the flatness required by the material;

    6, Electronic control box (see Figure 1): A. The electronic control box is accompanied by time control (such as: Go to 3 seconds, the material leaves the induction rod, 3 seconds later, the motor automatically runs, and so on) control the feed and speed of the material; B. The above operation is complete, please use the manual to send out the material, check whether the material sent out correctly, and then start using automatic; 7, the discharge control sensor rod (see Figure 1):

    1. Control the parking time, the material when contact to the rod stop, leave the rod through the parking control time, again sent out of the material;
    2. Do not touch the machine itself, such as contact to produce signal backflow, automatic feeding out of control, that is, stop the operation. Maintenance:


    Long-term use, should be added once a month spindle bearing butter, semi-annual replacement reducer oil, oil added to 1/3 places. The wiring points in the electronic control box shall not be loosened, so as not to burn the electrical appliances, affect the normal use, let alone oil and water into. For a long time, the spindle is buttered and the electric control box is checked.

    Note: Switch on the power supply should first check whether the power supply voltage matching, there is poor contact bad, etc., so as not to damage the electrical motor. There should be reliable grounding to avoid injury when electrical appliances are damaged. The power supply should be cut off when loading.

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  • Introduction of belt type High speed gear feeding machine

    Posted on by LIHAO Chris

    Belt type high-speed gear feeder is suitable for high-speed processing and the need for high-precision feeding of the punching products, feed length changes are made from the transformation of 1-4 gears

    Features of belt type high speed gear feeder:

    1. Suitable for punching products requiring high-speed machining and requiring high precision feeding.
      2.Suitable for feeding devices with different thickness, varying lengths of distance and wide variation in material width.
      3. No need to adjust the feed thickness, the delivery distance only by the gear transformation can be.
      4. Standard specification (or design) description of belt type high speed gear feeder:
      (1). Using the intermittent feeding method driven by Cam.
      (2). The change of delivery distance is caused by the transformation of 2~4 gears..
      (3). Only the lower roller is driven, while the upper roller is pressed by the spring..
      (4). When inserting the material, the relaxation of the upper and lower rollers can be operated by the manual switch of the air valve.

      (5). Lubrication mode The cam part of the splitter is oil groove type, while the other gear part is oil immersion type.
      (6). Hard chromium plating for upper and lower rollers.
      (7). Relaxation device for eccentric cam, so the relaxation angle can be adjusted at will within the range of 0°~180°

    2.  Standard equipment for belt type high speed gear feeder

    3. 1.Material lubrication device. (with flow adjustment) 
      2. Gear 4 only. (or specified number of teeth) 
      3. Pneumatic material clamping Release device

      Belt type High speed Gear feeder specification table






      Material width




      Material thickness


      Material line height


      Standard division number


      Feed length


      Feed angle


      Relaxation angle


      Feed direction







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  • What are the advantages of using an automatic feeder?

    Posted on by LIHAO Chris

    The automatic feeder, that is, the automatic feeding equipment that can complete a workflow without personnel guard after setting the parameters, not only improves the production efficiency, but also greatly reduces the occurrence of safety accidents and saves the expenses of personnel. Raised the company's earnings.

    In order to meet the needs of the market, the types of feeder in various enterprises have been constantly updated. It has been developed that three-in-one feeder, two-in-one feeder, NC servo feeder, swing feeder, high-speed roller feeder, clip feeder, belt feeder, and so on, have been developed in one-in-one, two-in-one feeder, NC servo feeder, and so on. Air automatic feeder and other types, the following will introduce you to the current hot, popular NC servo feeder advantages:


    Easy to use:

    1, Small model, small footprint, that is, buy-and-fit, even self-installation can be installed in 2 hours.

     2,Power connection, wiring, test flow is simple, ordinary electrician can complete this operation. 2, feeding, setting parameters and other simple steps, can be completed by one person, without the assistance of others.

     3, The fuselage and the electronic control box for separate design, can achieve long-distance control, electronic control box installed with casters, can be replaced at any time.

     4, In addition to the man-machine interface (touch operation screen) also equipped with the operation handle, do not need to open the protective top cover to operate.

    5, All parts of the mechanical regulation can be directly operated, no disassembly and other cumbersome steps.

    二、 pplicability:

    1, For all kinds of hardware, electronics, electrical appliances, toys and automotive parts of the continuous stamping processing materials.

     2, For different specifications of coil, strip, sheet and other metal materials feeding processing.

     3, For different thickness, different length, different materials of metal materials feeding processing.

    4, Can be used with all kinds of punch, plate cutting machine, hydraulic press, forming machine, laser cutting machine and other processing machines.


    1, Head power, transmission part of the roller, gears are covered with protective cover, more safe.

    2, Feeding roller hidden, small clearance between rollers, and a baffle to block apart from the feeding space.

    3, The electric control box set up the emergency stop button separately, avoid the accident that injures the person to injure the machine.

    4, Factory testing is carried out to ensure the accuracy of operation and the stability of the machine.


     1, Japan Anchuan servomotor (optional), ensure that its long-term use will not affect its feeding accuracy.

     2, The use of high sensitivity decoder, feedback precision, more accurate feeding accuracy.

    3, Equipped with time gauge belt drive, eliminate gear clearance, wear very little, no noise, and no lubrication.

     4,Gear after gromping-tooth surface-heat treatment-finishing-normalizing-rough machining-semi-finishing-turning-roller-gear shaper-heat treatment-finishing process, gear grade up to 6, high wear resistance, high strength, long life.

    1. By preheating (spheroidizing annealing)-turning-milling-medium-frequency-coarse grinding-finishing-electroplating processes, the roller maximizes the accuracy, concentric degree, finish and hardness, and prolongs the service life of the roller.

    五、 conomy:

     1,Small fuselage, small footprint, enterprises can save a lot of space for reproduction.

    2,High efficiency, one person can achieve multi-machine simultaneous operation, care, reduce personnel costs.

     3, The early stage investment is small, the output is big, creates more profit space for the enterprise.

    4, Stable and reliable, can be 24-hour continuous production, near zero fault. 5, the later maintenance is simple, the failure rate is small, the spare parts replacement cost is low.

    For more product information, please visit the official website of Marriott Machinery:www.lihaomachine.com,We will be happy to serve you!



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