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  • The brand of feeders

    Posted on by LIHAO Chris

    Feeder is essential transportation equipment for light industry and heavy industry, from the ancient physical feeding and then development to semi-automatic, to today's automatic feeding, feeder has been evolving, and improving. And from the development of a single variety to today has reached more than 10 specifications, the current conveyor often see the feeders are: Air feeder, roller feeder, servo feeder, clamping feeder, three in one feeder, S-type feeder, three in one feeder, and so on.


    On the one hand,Lihao machine continuously increase R&D investment to standardize products,on the other hand ,because we are per fissional enough that we can analyze customer’s demand more carefully than our counterparts. According to customer’s specially demand to make various automatic production lines. Design accuracy, equipment performance and use stability can reach the advanced level of the same industry at home and abroad.

    In the process of development, Lihao Machinery always adheres to the management concept of "quality first, service first". While providing customers with high quality and high stability products, we also pay attention to providing customers with professional and high quality services before, during and after sales. At present, Lihao Machinery has nearly 20 sales and service outlets in Shanghai, Ningbo, Wuhan and overseas India, and has established a complete service system.


    Lihao machinery focus on flushing bedside equipment 16, feeder industry development time is long, has accumulated rich experience, but also trained a large number of feeder industry talent. Among them, Lihao has developed 3 subsidiaries, namely: deep satin high-precision stamping bed Company, Lihao die-cutting Machine Co., Ltd., Cook button Company. Among them die-cutting machine and button are new products developed by Lihao Machine in 2013.



    Automatic feeder has covered whole electronic household appliances, automobiles, hardware and other fields.Automatic feeder operation is simple, accurately feed, strong stability, high efficiency. It has been favored by the vast number of users. Feeding function has today's achievements, development, which is inseparable from the feeding manufacturers.



    If you want to know more products, please log in to our official Web site: www.lihaojixie.cn, 

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  • Blanking Line For Circle Cutting

    Posted on by Vicky G

    Our Client visited us from 20th to 21st, Oct for our Circle Blanking Line.

    The line consists of : uncoiler + straightener + NC zigzag feeder machine + press machine + stamping mold + belt + scrap recoiler.

    They saw our 4.5 x 1300mm zigzag uncoiler + zigzag straightener + zigzag NC servo feeder machine running in our factory. Very satisfied with our technology and quality.

    If you also interested in our circle blanking line, pls contact us without any hesitation.

    Our Lihao will provide you best solutions, service and machinery.

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  • New style NC servo feeder, inexpensive!

    Posted on by Li Hao

    The company's new design of the NC servo feeder. The same function, the cost is lower!


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  • Lihao NC servo feeder Install tutorial

    Posted on by Li Hao

    This video has taught you how to install the NC servo feeder. If you have any questions, please contact us~


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  • Prong Snap Fasteners Production Line

    Posted on by Vicky G

    Our India client visited our factory on 14th, Aug.

    He is very interested in our high speed prong snap fasteners production line.

    Especially deeply impressed by our high speed press machine after visiting our factory and our local client's factory who is using our high speed press machine.

    As client's requirements, we design his mold for 3 pcs products per time, production capacity as below:

    1. Stud mold / Progressive mold/  3 pcs/time/  SPM: 180~230 times/min/  Production capacity: 259,200.00-331,200.00 pcs/8hours
    2. Socket mold / Progressive mold/  3 pcs/time/  SPM: 180~230 times/min/  Production capacity: 259,200.00-331,200.00 pcs/8hours
    3. Prong mold / Progressive mold/  3 pcs/time/  SPM: 200~300 times/min/  Production capacity: 288,000.00-432,000.00 pcs/8hours

    If you are also interested in this line, contact us now!

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