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Application of automatic feeder cutting plate stamping production line.

Jul. 15, 2020

Automatic production line is mainly used for cutting plate machine, the shear will roll under shear of material into flake board, its by uncoiling, leveling, feeding, shearing, conveying, buttress material six processes, including heavy materials used in material feeding decoiling, (thick) in the plate leveling machine (the actual choose) according to the thickness of the material used for the leveling of material, NC feeder for shear equipment step in the evolution of feeding, shearing machine is used to plate shear piece material, conveyor belt is used for shear sheet after delivery, buttress material platform for sheet piling, six major equipment to cooperate with each other to realize full automation of shearing blanking operation.

Automatic feeder shearing production line

The specific operation process of automatic feeding machine plate cutting production line is as follows:

By crane or forklift put stacking crane in hydraulic heavy material rack up winding mandrel (there is a professional car onto V car carrier, feeding) by car, start the heavy materials increases and oil cylinder, will roll up tight, and then point to move materials, motor, is expected to turn to the right place, at the same time make the pneumatic pressure arm down on the material surface, then loosen the belt material package, and then slowly inching open book will head slowly in the lead to make it into the material (thick) plate leveling machine, heavy material rack is finished loading and material homework.


After the material head is introduced into the leveling machine, the upper drum of the leveling machine is pressed down, the material frame is cut off, and then the material is clamped into the material operation by the medium (thick) plate leveling machine. According to the thickness of the material, the pressing degree of the flat drum is slightly adjusted for several times to achieve a good leveling effect, and then the material after the leveling machine is introduced into the NC feeding machine.


Materials entering the automatic feeder are firstly controlled by inching with the control handle, then the plate shearer is started to cut off the material head, and then the feeding length and frequency of the plate are set on the touch screen of the electric control box of the NC feeder. The number of sheets of the stacking platform is set according to the thickness of the plate, and then the stacking counter is cleared.Then press the "automatic start" button of NC feeder and the system will start automatic feeding. When the feeding length reaches the set feeding step, the system will cut automatically.The sheeting after cutting is carried by the conveyor belt to the stacking platform.

When the sheet material of the automatic feeder falls into the stacking platform, the sheet material is first drawn lengthwise and then laterally, and the steel plate is placed neatly.The front end of the stacking platform is provided with material level detection. When the stacking height reaches the set value, the platform will automatically descend.When the sheet number of the pallet reaches the set value, the automatic feeding stops, and operators are required to lift the sheet on the pallet, and the pallet counter is cleared to enter the automatic cycle, so as to realize fully automatic shearing production.