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What benefits can three in one servo feeder bring to the enterprise

Dec. 30, 2020

The three-in-one servo feeding machine is a fully automatic feeding equipment integrating the functions of material uncoiler, material leveling machine and servo feeding machine. Since facing the market, it has been widely used in home appliances, automobiles, hardware, electronics, aerospace and other fields, which greatly helps enterprises to realize fully automatic production.

What benefits can three in one servo feeder bring to the enterprise

Benefits of using a three-in-one servo feeder:

1. The overall design is compact, which greatly reduces the land area of the enterprise and reduces the space by nearly half compared with the production line, saving the cost of land for the enterprise.

2. Suitable for various metal material feeding and processing with different thickness and length. According to the requirements, the corresponding model can be used for multiple sets, greatly reducing the investment of the enterprise, and more equipment can be purchased.

3, three functions in one, no need for the waiting area, the transition between the functions more smooth, the need for feeding time is shorter, to save a lot of time for enterprises, improve production efficiency.

4. The feeding, opening, feeding and discharging processes are all operated by handle, and the feeding and discharging processes are fast and accurate, avoiding the operator's direct contact with materials and mechanical parts, greatly reducing safety risks and avoiding accidents.

5. The functions of the equipment are concentrated on the operating table and the operating handle. After the parameters are set, the equipment can enter into automatic production.

6, three in one feeder unwinding smooth, leveling effect is excellent, after leveling the material smooth without indentation, feeding part of high accuracy, no deviation, no error, by three in one feeder produced by the product yield rate is very high, greatly reduce enterprise losses.

7. The body of the equipment is made of sufficient materials, and the processing and installation of the accessories are completed by Lihao itself. The purchased accessories are all brand products higher than national standards, ensuring that the equipment can operate safely and stably for 24 hours.

8. Tri-in-one daily maintenance is simple with low maintenance cost. Regular maintenance is conducive to long-term stable operation of the equipment, and personnel without professional training can easily get started.

The advantages of using the three in one are many, the above points are only a small part of them, Lihao in order to meet the market demand to develop a thin plate, medium plate, medium plate, thick plate, super thick plate standard three in one feeder into the market, the product has been unanimously praised in the industry.

Lihao machinery is still constantly developing new products, in view of the great market changes in recent years, the enterprise input costs are increasing, Lihao machinery plans to launch a new generation of simple three-in-one feeder, reduce the investment burden of each enterprise, so that enterprises spend less money to enjoy the same function.

Do you want to know the parameters and functions of The simple triad of Lihao first?Follow me and find out in the next issue.