Shenzhen, China

1.Production Line Features

This production line greatly reduces labor cost and improves production efficiency.Before the improvement, it was operated by 7 people, and now 1 person can complete all operations .

Product flatness of ± 0.5mm, angle of 90 º ± 0.5 º, hole requirements to achieve ± 0.1mm, automatic welding torque strength of not less than 50N / M, the layout of the wire body requirements to achieve more than 95% accuracy in place size, product Tolerance requirements in ± 0.2mm, the production beats in 3 ~ 6 seconds / piece.


2.Production Process

Sheet metal coil - Uncoiler - Straightener - Feeder - Punching - Spot welding - Bending - Product


 3.Finished Product



4.Details of Machine


NCSF-600B: This big machine, combines uncoiler function, straightener function, NC servo roll feeder function together, so as 3 in 1. 


5.Suitable Materials




Press Feeding Line For Automotive Industry Working Video: Click here