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APE Closed Double-Crank Precision Steel Frame Press Machine

APE series precision metal stamping press has a high precision of 0.1mm, an it features easy operation and reliable performance. Therefore, it is quite suiable in cutting, punching, bending and other machining for diverse metal plates, These metal plates could be used to produce motor casing, automobiles parts, home appliance, computer cases, recording machine, power supply unit's bottom mounts and etc.

Product Description


  1. With High rigidity rack design, they are welded with the use of high-quality steel plates, through internal stresses,so that stability and reliability and reliability of the whole machine in precision are enhanced.

2. Consistent driving center and machine center to guarantee accurate and stable punching.

3. In order to guarantee relative stationarity of machine operation, it is necessary to balance two balancers.

4. Moulding-adjustment precision is as high as 0.1mm, safe,speedy ,and reliable .

5. Through hard oxidation and grinding ,such parts as bent axles,gear sets,and connecting rods possess higher combination property and tolerance.

6. Adopt highly sensitive and reliable clutch/brake and internationally top duplex,to guarantee safety for operation and stop of press rams.

7. Machine's structural design shall be reasonable,for the convenience of realizing automatic pr reducing cost,and improving efficiency.

8. Possess advanced design concepts, low noise, low consumption,and energy saving.

Technical parameters

S typeH typeS typeH typeS typeH typeS typeH type
Rated tonnage pointmm63637373
Die heightmm450400500400550450550450
Stroke per minutes.p.m35-5540-8520-5035-7030-6020-3520-3530-50
Slide adjustmentmm100120120120
Slide areamm1600x6501850x7502100x9002100x900
Bolster areamm1800x7602200x9402500x10002500x1000
Slide openingmm700x450900x600900X600900X600
Main motorkw.p15x418.5x422x430x4
Slide adjust devicekw.p1x42x52x42x4
Air pressurekg/cm26666
Presses precision
S typeH typeS typeH typeS typeH type
Rated tonnage pointmm73106106
Die heightmm550450580480600500
Stroke per minutes.p.m20-3020-4018-2520-3015-2520-30
Slide adjustmentmm120120120
Slide areamm2800x10002900x10003100x1100
Bolster areamm3200x10003300x12003500x1200
Slide openingmm900x6001000x7501100x750
Main motorkw.p37x445x455x4
Slide ajust devicekw.p2x43x43x4
Air pressurekg/cm2666
Presses precision

Standard configuration:                                                                   

>Dry clutch brake                                                                                    

>Strandard operating ststem                                                                          

>Choice/cutting/inch/safe journey/continuation of operating mode                                     

>Oil pressure overload protection device                                                             

>Over-run safety device                                                                              

>Misfeed detection consent                                                                           

>Electric slider adjusting device                                                                   

>Diagital moulding-height indicator (unit:0.1mm)                                                     

>Auto grease pump device                                                                             

>Accumulative counter(6 digits)                                                                      

>Pre-determined counter(6 digits)                                                                    

>Maintenance counter (6 digits)                                                                      

>Life counter(6 digits)                                                                              

>Electronic rotatry cam switch (6 connections)                                                      

>Air-blast device 1/2" secondary ciruit                                                              

>Error inspection socket                                                                             

>Power socket (only apply to single-phase 110V power)                                             

Optional configuration:

>Wet clutch brake

>Die cushion device

>Vs variable-speed motor

>Touch-screen device

>Photo-electic safety device

>Upper slider feeding device

>Main motor inversion device

>Foot switch

>Safety dog and safety latch

>T-type two-hand button perating floor

>Inspection variable-connection magnetic value

>Anti-vibration mechanical foot

>Rapid tooling exchange

>Upper die clamper

>Lower die clamper

>Die lifter

>Mould-shift arm

APE Technical Parameter.PDF