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APF Series Single-Crank Precision Press Machine

The presses precision of APF series stamping presses arrives to class 1-jis (Japannese industrial standards), which is suitable for progessive die stamping in high precision.

Product Description


Mix European, American and Japanese advanced technologies/functional structure CAE dynamic si optimization design.

High rigidity lathe bed high quality steel profiling welding or In-block casting part tempering/vibration stress processing.

High standard fabrication processing of such key parts as gears and bent axis through hard chrome plating/nitriding/grinding.

Such high level configurations as high performance controllers /drive parts /electromagnetic clutches/steam-driven elements and bearings.

Technical grade if international stamping equipment and inspection of machine index.

High memory module/individual design franchised software compilation.

High compatibility multi axial variable speed drive/automation equipment onboard expansion.

High intelligent human-computer interface/high frequency real-time control/Ethernet & USB interface.

Standard configuration:

>Hydraulic overload protector

>Electric slider adjusting device

>Digital moulding-height indicator(unit:0.1mm)

>Slider and mould balancing device 

>Rotary cam switch

>Crank angle indicator

>Circulation centralization lubrication oil feeding device

>Over-run safety device

>Programmable controller

>Indepence electric control cabinet

>Maintenance tool and tool box

Optional configuration

>Die backer

>Upper slider feeding device

>Die light

>Main motor inversion device

>Photo-electric safety device

>Safety groove and safety pin

>Pre-determined counter(6 digits)

>Loading inspection device

>Missfeed detection consent

>Frequency conveter

>Basic bolt and soleplate

>Anti-vibration foot

>Safety shelf and safety ladder

>Power socket

>Quick die change device

Technical parameters 

V typeH typeV typeH typeV typeH typeV typeH type
Rated tonnage poinmm63636373.5
Speed changings.p.m30-6060-9020-5040-7020-5050-7020-4040-50
Stable speeds.p.m50353530
Die heightmm360410460510460510500550
Slide adjustmentmm80100110120
Slide areamm1000x550x701100x600x901200x650x901300x700x100
Bolster areamm1100x600x1101200x800x1401300x820x1601400x840x180
Slide openingmm700x500850x600880x650900x700
Main motorkw.p11x415x418x422x4
Slide adjusting motkw.p0.4x40.75x40.75x41.5x4
Air pressurekg/cm26666
Presses precision
V typeH typeV typeH typeV typeV type
Rated tonnage poinmm73.594.51013
Speed changings.p.m20-4035-5015-2520-3520-3015-20
Stable speeds.p.m30202020
Die heightmm550615550600550550
Slide adjustmentmm120150120120
Slide areamm1400x800x1101500x850x1101400x8001400x1200
Bolster areamm1500x950x2001600x1000x200  1500x1001700x1300
Slide openingmm1000x7501000x750900x8001000x900
Main motorkw.p30x440x455x475x4
Slide adjusting motkw.p1.5x42.2x43x43x4
Air pressurekg/cm2666
Presses precision

APF Technical Parameter.PDF