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APK Series Single-Point High-Speed H-Type Press Machine

Control machine tools' actions with the use of rotary encoder and adopt human-cuomputer interface syste for the convenience of human-computer communication.

Lock connecting rod oil pressure and enhance precison of bottom dead center.

With huge cost performance ,they apply to motor totor punching.

Product Description

Standard configuration:

>Electric moulding-height adjustment.

>Moulding-height display precision:0.01mm

>Inch positioning device

>Three-group batch control

>Two-group wrong inspection

>Inter-action and single-action tools have 0 degree and 90 degree locate funciton

>Host inversion device

>Oil-pressure slider fixed-locking device

>Independent electric control box

>Oil-pressure die lifting device

>Host motor transducer control

Optional configuration:

>Bottom dead center precison detector

>Quick die-clamping device

>High-speed feeder

>Double-end oil-pressure uncoiler

>Leveling discharging machine

>Oil-pressure anti-vibration footstand device

>Stamping controller

Technical parameters

Nominal force
80 TON [800KN]125 TON[125kn]160 TON[1600kn]200 TON[2000kn]
Rated tonnage pointmm2333
Stable speeds.p.m160-280160-280160-240160-220150-200
Distance between the colummm380x920450x1160520x1360550x1320
Bolster areamm900x5001100x6001300x7001300x800
Slide areamm800x4501000x5501200x6001200x600
Material holemm700x180880x1501000x2501000x250
Die height adjustmentmm310-360350-400350-400350-400
Main motorkw.p1118.52230

APK Technical Parameter.PDF