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APL High-Speed Precision Automatic Punch Machine

Apply to precision electronic component punch in large quantity.

Enhance life if punch and mold under power balance device.

Oil-ressure slider fixed locking and sticking release device can increase reliability.

Cylinder connecting rod driving device can enhance of punch’s operation and precision.

Product Description

Standard Congiguration:

>Top stop

>Variable-speed motor

>Hydraulic lock punch

>Slider and mould balancing device

>Digital moulding-height indicator

>Slider adjusting device

>Machine slide opration box

>Drilling crew operation box

>Force circulation oil device

>Mechanical crank angle indicator

>Miss-feed plug/socket(2 sets)

>Air source connector

>Operating manual

>Tool box

Optional configuration:

>Level pad

>Material oil lubricating device

>Ottom dead center detector

>Quick die change device

Technical parameters:

A                  BCA                  BCABC
Rated tonnage point(B.D.Cmm1.21.21.6
Strokemm20                 304020                 3040203040
Stroke per minutes.p.m100-600100-500100-400100-500/100-400100-300100-400100-350100-300
Die heightmm225              220215265              260               255305300295
Bolster area(L.R.xF.B.)mm650x390x75760x450x90860x52x100
Slide area(L.R.xF.B.)mm280x250380x320460x370
Slide adjustmentmm303050
Main motorKw3.7x4P5.5x4P7.5x4P
Shank holemmΦ38.1Φ50Φ50
Hole of bed (L.R.Xf.B.)mm270x150400x200480X260
Lubrication system
Forced Recirculating Lubrication

APL Technical Parameter.PDF