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C Type High Speed Press Machine metal sheet stamping machine ( 30 Ton, 45 Ton, 60 Ton )

Performance Feature

Body material: used with high strength casting, hard chrome plated to make sure of high precision.

Lubrication system: special structure with automatic closed lubrication, special industrial design so those main bodies,get quicker natural cooling.

High precision processing equipment, strict processing guarantee, many kinds of filtration system to make sure of coefficient kinetic friction <0.03.

Equipped with reverse dynamic balanced device to realize high speed operation and prolong useful life of main parts.

Microcomputer control system: display working status and fault. Top dead center control to remove fault easily.

Air pressure system: use with standard parts to make system stable.

Adjustment mould operation control system, separate structure and function to be safer, stable and precision.

For main system (air, lubrication and air pressure locked) equipped with pressure show and pressure switch protector device more stable.

Use with force cooling circulation system in the main parts to prefect transfer mechanism, meanwhile prolong useful .

Equipped with location direction for direction device to be more precision, easy test and repair. 

Product Description

Technical Parameters

Stroke of slide20mm            25mm30mm20mm        30mm40mm25mm        30mm40mm50mm
Area of slide320x220mm450x340mm540x380mm
Slide adjustment30mm30mm50mm
Bed opening100mmx300mm(400mm)100mmx400mm(500mm)100mmx550mm(610mm)
Motor5.5KWx4/380V7.5KWx4/380V11KW x4/380V
Gross weight2909KG4852KG9000KG
LubricationForceful AutomationForceful AutomationForceful Automation
Lubricate electrical engineeri1/4HPx4P/380V1/4HPx4P/380V1/4HPx4P/380V

C Type High Speed Press Machine ( 30 Ton, 45 Ton, 60 Ton )

C-type Technical Parameter.PDF