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Bottle Cap Seal Making Machine

1.Production line features

This line is for bottle cap seal production, which consists of uncoile, roller feeder, press machine, and punching mold.

The line is designed according to customer’s demand, which is an automatic production line, few operator, but high efficiency production, easy to operate.

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2.Production process

Polyethylene sheet in roll form-Uncoiler – High speed roll feeder – Press machine – Punching mold – Product

3.Production line description

1. Polyethylene sheets in roll form, such as thickness 2mm, width maximum 600mm.
2. Uncoiler, can decoil sheet roll automatically.
3. Feeder, can clamp and feed sheet forward to press machine automatically.
4. High speed press machine, SPM 200-400, can let mold punch for sheet automatically.
5. Mold, can punch for sheet by slide of press machine.
6. Product, bottle cap seal, white color.

Bottle Cap Seal Making Machine

4.Product and usage

Bottle Cap Seal Making Machine


Bottle cap seal making production line: click here