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Old or new Detailed comparison of new and old type NC servo feeder

Jan. 04, 2020

At the end of 2017, Lihao machine launched a new generation of NC servo feeder, the new generation of NC feeder adopts new design, the overall appearance is completely different from the old type, equipped with new touch screen, support remote control handle, electric box with 4 universal wheels, easy to move the control box for operation, increase the range of control.

Lihao official standard NC edition price is less than 10,000 RMB, compared with the old model has a big drop, more in line with the pace of market consumption, the whole machine adopts new color, has a great improvement on the sense.

As for the differences between new and old NC servo feeder, we have made a detailed comparison between the two products this time. The following are the parameters of the two models:


New model

Old model

Suitable thickness






Servo motor

Dorna, Huada, Yaskawa



Taiwan Cermate



Japan Mitsubishi


Solenoid valve



Air cylinder

Taiwan AirTAC

Taiwan AirTAC


Japan Omron

Japan Omron




Proximity switch

Taiwan Meanwell

Taiwan Meanwell

Switching power

Taiwan Meanwell

Taiwan Meanwell

Main switch, contactor, button switch, indicator light, insurance



Control box

With universal wheel


Operating handle



New and old NC servo feeder has seen a lot of changes from the parameters, in the quality, the new power components adopt more well-known brand, making the using process more secure, also added a lot of auxiliary functions to make the operation process more convenient, compared with the old model is more excellent, more accord with people's operational habits.

Let's have a look at the appearance changes of the new and old model

                          New model                                                        Old model

New NC servo feeder                                 Old NC servo feeder

As you can see, the new model is completely different from the old model in appearance. You can't see the elements of the old model from the new body.

The new model adopts new design, which greatly improves the machine body and electric control box, and occupies less space than the old model. The power and interface positions are covered by baffles, which not only improves the safety of the machine, but also makes the whole machine look beautiful and tidy. Cover plate is added on the top of the electric cabinet to effectively protect the touch screen and avoid the damage of the touch screen caused by careless collision. At the bottom, 4 universal casters are added to facilitate the rotation operation at any angle. Besides the touch screen control, the electric cabinet is also equipped with an independent operation box, which can be operated within 5 meters, bringing great convenience to users.


From the parameters, new model is better than the old model from all aspects, not only easy to operate, the overall security, the price is much more preferential than the old model, it is a good choice for clients.

From 17 years of research and development to the market, Lihao machine has sold nearly 3,000 units, which is widely praised in the market and has won customers' favor by virtue of its safety, stability and reliability.At the request of the customer, Lihao machine developed the new mid-plate NC servo feeder at the beginning of 2018, providing customers with more choices.

That’s all for today, we will occasionally update, to provide you with more comprehensive and detailed interpretation, to bring you more knowledge, also hope more support from you!