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Talking about the advantages of three-in-one feeder and the Common problems of three-in-one feeder.

Jan. 06, 2020

Now, basically in any factory we can see the three-in-one feeder, since there is such a phenomenon, then what are the advantages of the three-in-one feeder is welcomed by many manufacturers? What are the advantages of this three-in-one feeder today? What are the shortcomings? And common problems and solutions.

Three in one servo feeder

Advantages of three-in-one feeder:

1、The three-in-one feeder has the advantages of simple operation. So why does this feeder have such advantages, that is because the feeder is an automatic feeding device that integrates three kinds of machines, that is, material rack, leveller and feeder, and the control knob of the whole equipment, Switches are all centralized in the console, staff do not have to round-trip to control the overall situation. The feeder uses a high-tech, high-efficiency mode of operation, in all punch equipment, the three-in-one punch feeder can be said to be an excellent performance correction. The feeder can be seen in the industry as an advanced automatic feeding device.

2、The three-in-one feeder also has the advantages of convenient installation, according to the different needs, the three-in-one feeder is usually divided into three parts, the connection of the three parts is very simple and fast, can be fixed with screws, greatly reducing the installation time, After the installation is completed, the three-in-one form is also smaller, which greatly saves the area occupied by the factory building, makes the factory house accommodate more equipment, reduces the cost of plant rental, and maximizes the benefits.

3、The three-in-one feeder has a wider range of applications and can process thick plates and high-strength metal plate materials that cannot be processed in separate stamping production lines. It is suitable for all kinds of metal sheet feeding and correction. As long as the split stamping production line is suitable for the sheet and medium plate materials below 4.0mm, once the thickness is thicker and the material is rigid, it cannot be used for processing and production, so that many customers can only use the purchase sheet. Manual feeding is used for stamping production, and the emergence of three-in-one press feeder fundamentally solves this machining problem. Its maximum servo material thickness can reach 8mm, and it can be applied to the processing of various high-strength plates. Production, so that the processing and production of thick plate materials can also be automated.

4、The three-in-one feeder also has the advantage of high precision. A separate stamping production line consisting of a single material rack, a server, and a feeder is a completely separate set of three equipment, each of which has a waiting area between which there is a waiting area, so that even if each device is equipped with a frequency converter, its operation will be carried out. Collocation can not be fully synchronized, eventually more or less will affect the servo, the accuracy of feeding, and stamping three-in-one feeder will material frame, servo, feed integrated into a machine, so that the matching of the machine to achieve complete synchronization, and the three-in-one press feeder will be the rack, servo, feed integrated into a machine, so that the collocation of the machine is fully synchronized. The control of PLC closed-loop system ensures the precision of servo feeding.

5、Three-in-one feeder adopts imported core components, perfect lubrication system, self-test program, low failure rate. The core components of the stamping three-in-one feeder are all imported parts from Germany and Japan, such as Japan's Anagawa Servo Motor and driver, Mitsubishi PLC, Omron Optoelectronics, Schneider's Circuit Breaker, Japan's NSK bearings, and so on. At the same time, perfect lubrication system and self-test program make the whole machine wear is very small, failure rate is very low, maintenance is very simple.

Three in one servo feeder

Three-in-one leveling feeder will inevitably have some faults in operation, the following Lihao Machinery will introduce to everyone the solution to the general fault:

①、The relaxation device is not smooth

1、Check if the position guide pin in the mold is normal, carefully check and correct.

2、There is a deviation in the feeding direction, check the correct working direction of the mold is normal.

3、Use kerosene to clean and butter the eccentric and relaxing shafts.

②、Feed irregularity error

1、Check the pressure uniformity of the press plate and adjust the pressure of the relaxation device.

2、If the feeding mechanism is pneumatic relaxation, check the air compressor pressure is really normal.

3、Check whether the coiled material of the material rack is in contact with the feeder and the mould on the same horizontal line.

③、Sudden error when feeding

1、Whether the leveller is matched with the NC feeder, or whether the distance between the leveller and the feeder, the height of the arc and the speed of the punch are appropriate.

2、Properly tighten the belt to check whether the length, width and thickness of the coiled material are standard.

The press industry competition is more and more intense, how to choose the equipment depending on the different circumstances of the enterprise. Saving cost and improving production efficiency are the selection criteria of every enterprise. The three-in-one has a good performance in all aspects. The three-in-one selection will create a higher efficiency for the enterprise.

Lihao Machinery, founded in 1994, continuously devotes itself to the research and manufacture of stamping automation equipment, and takes the three-in-one servo feeder as the core product to continuously optimize and improve the technology. After more than 20 years of efforts and accumulation, according to customer demand Lihao machinery has developed a series of standardized machinery, such as NCHF thin plate type, NCMF medium plate type, NCSF medium thick plate type, NCLF super thick plate type and so on. Good performance and stable quality have gained good reputation in the industry.