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Benefits of using NC Zigzag feeder

Mar. 20, 2020

NC servo zigzag feeder is one of the servo feeder, it consists of a set of two sets of servo motor, PLC control characteristic is feeder in linear feed at the same time, the nose can swing shift, the deflection of realization about material function, it is mainly used for wafer, profiles and other special blanking punching processing production, can improve material utilization.


NC servo zigzag feeder

一、What are the advantages of using NC yaw feeder?

At present, there are a lot of feeding machines that can be used with punching machine. Commonly used ones include automatic air feeding machine, roller feeding machine, CNC feeding machine, three-in-one feeding machine, etc., but this type of feeding machine is used along a direction forward quantitative feeding, and it only has a single direction feeding function.This kind of feeder wastes a lot of material for the punching blanking of circular and different profiles.

Because of stamping parts are round the round or circular products (for example), forming this kind of product use material width must be greater than the circular product diameter, left edge of the material after stamping out circular parts (single cellular) has a very large area, use hard, only as a scrap disposal, material utilization rate is low, the cost of materials is very difficult to control.In order to solve this problem fundamentally, a bi-directional servo feeder with bi-directional feeder energy for such stamping is proposed.


二、How does NC zigzag feeder work?

The operation of NC zigzag feeder is set on the touch screen just like the standard NC feeder, except that the distance, times or diameter of the wafer of yaw should be set more (two programming methods).Then, roll material several times wider than the diameter of circular stamping parts is used in actual stamping, and then each circular product of blanking can be arranged on the material in circular cutting by setting, so that the utilization rate of stamping materials will be greatly improved. Generally, NC pendulum feeder can be used for three times to save about 10% of the material cost.