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Features of Double - head uncoiler

Mar. 18, 2020

Material rack, also known as feeding rack, feeding machine, uncoiling machine, winding machine,suitable for continuous stamping processing of various metal and nonmetal roll. With the constant change of market demand, the industry also derived a double - headed material uncoiler to satisfy user’s need. 

Features of Double - head uncoiler


1. The machine is composed of a rack, a main body and a material carrier with simple structure.
2. The overall structure is compact, small size and take small floor space, saving site cost.
3. Solid materials are used for the whole equipment, with stable operation process, few faults and long service life.
4. The equipment is simple to install and easy to operate, even if it is used for the first time.
5. Double shaft structure can be used at the same time, greatly saving the refueling time.
6. Suitable for continuous stamping processing of various metals and metal coils.
7. If the material width is narrow, the left-right shift form can be customized.
8, using precision fine-tuning device, suitable for high precision machining degree of products.
9. Double end and bilateral single electric control box can operate 24 hours without interruption.

Modals:Double-head material frame is divided into two forms: Power and non-power. The enterprise can purchase according to its own requirements, so as to achieve the purpose of cost saving.

Power: the equipment itself is equipped with motor and reducer, which can automatically sense the function of unwinding and rewinding materials. The operation process is stable and accurate, suitable for products with high machining accuracy.

Non-power: there is no power in the equipment itself, so it is necessary to drive the material coil with the power of other equipment to drive the rotation of the material rack, so as to achieve the purpose of unwinding, generally used together with the straightening machine.


Customization:special device can be installed according to the demand

1. Standard model adopts hand-rocking expansion mode, which can be changed to hydraulic expansion.
2. Pressure arm can be installed to put pressure on the material to prevent loose coil during the material operation.
3, hydraulic feeding device can be installed, more stable and simple.
4. Variable frequency speed regulation device can be installed to meet the stamping speed of different products.
5. The maximum material width of the equipment can be customized to 1800mm.
6. The maximum load of the equipment can be customized to 30 tons.


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