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Why is the feeder divided into2 in 1 leveling machine and 3 in 1 feeder

Mar. 16, 2020

2 in 1 leveling machine and 3 in 1 feeder are the most common automatic feeder that applies in press field.The appearance and structure of these two models are very similar, especially for thin and thick plate models, many customers can't recognize them. But when the customer inquiry two kinds of machine, they will find that the price is much different, so many customers have doubts, obviously similar to the two types of models, on the price why the difference is so big?

The reason is the two models are similar in appearance, but their functions, structure and operation are quite different.

three-in-one feeder

1、Function difference between two-in-one leveling machine and three-in-one feeder

The two-in-one leveling machine, which is the abbreviation of two-in-one material rack and leveling machine, has the uncoiling and leveling functions of the material volume, but does not have the feeding function,A few meters of waiting area should be reserved at the discharge port, and feeding machine equipment such as roller feeder and NC feeder can be used with punching machine, occupying a large space;Shenzhen lihao three-in-one feeding machine, which is short name for three-in-one material rack leveling machine feeding machine, has three functions of uncoiling, leveling and feeding of the material coil, which can be directly matched with the punching machine, there is no need to reserve the waiting area, occupying a small space.


two-in-one leveling machine

2、The structural differences between two-in-one leveling machine and three-in-one feeder:

Two-in-one leveling machine its material frame part may have no power, also may use the power, press arm does not have another drive motor, induction is usually induction frame induction, leveling machine drive is motor and reducer for transmission, the whole machine does not have up and down function; Shenzhen lihao material rack is of dynamic type, press arm with drive motor, induction for two groups of shooting photoelectric automatic speed control, leveling head drive adopts imported servo motor precision drive operation, the whole machine is equipped with electric lifting adjustment device.


3、The difference between the operation and use of two-in-one leveling machine and three-in-one feeding machine:

The two-in-one leveling machine needs to manually position the block a-type iron, introduce, feed, adjust the material thickness, and adjust repeatedly. The electronic control operation adopts the electric control box button operation mode, which is not highly integrated. The three-in-one feeder is limited by the blocking arm, which can realize fully automatic feeding and feeding process with the pressing arm, supporting arm and folding arm. The fine-tuning method of precision handwheel can achieve high precision adjustment. The electronic control operation can be completed by using seven-inch touch screen and simple handle, which is simple, convenient and completely automatic.