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Synchronous operation Principle of NC servo feeder and punching machine

Dec. 10, 2019

Stamping processing towards high precision, high efficiency, high automation direction is the inevitable trend of the industry, which on the hedging bed supporting feeder equipment put forward a higher demand, but also prompted the continuous update and replacement of the punch feeder, from the initial first generation of air feeder, to the second generation of roller feeder, accuracy, stability, Automation has a significant improvement, but still can not meet the increasing demand for precision stamping, and the holding, feeding action and mold stamping point of the connection is not good, feeder machine platform debugging is relatively cumbersome, has been more and more unable to meet the needs of modern stamping processing production.

NC servo feeder, two - in - one straightening machine

To this end, the punch industry gave birth to the third generation of NC feeder, it by the Anchuan servo motor as the feed drum driving force, Mitsubishi PLC with 7 inch high-precision touch screen as a control mode, through the signal line and punch cam connected, can make full use of the punch Crankshaft action path on the time to achieve feed, feed, return, clamping action, Flexible to complete the feeding action, to achieve a complete punch synchronization of the operation, at the same time its feed length, feed times, feed speed all in the Lihao NC feeder touch Screen panel on the simple settings, simple and convenient operation.

Lihao NC Feeder has changed the problem that the feeding machine often appears in the feed action is not timely, inaccurate, through the connection with the crankshaft cam, can optimize the whole feeding process, increase the scope of application of feeder equipment, improve the accuracy of feed, automation and stability.

Lihao NC servo feeder paired with Punch, when punch crankshaft in 240° clockwise to At 240°, the feeding action starts to start and follows the current angle of the punch to drive the feeder to feed the feeder immediately. When the crankshaft is running to the., the feed is complete. In this way, the feeding time makes full use of the whole feeding interval. At the same time in the Lihao NC feeding mechanism are equipped with relaxation function, relaxation mechanism is usually used solenoid valve to control the cylinder drive way, its action angle is generally after the end of the feed after a safety angle and the mold completely contact with the material before, fundamentally eliminate the cumulative error, to ensure the stability of long feeding accuracy. 

NC servo feeder, punch feeder