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What industry is suitable for punch feeder?

May. 25, 2020

Press feeder is a machine for conveying materials, no matter it is an indispensable equipment in light industry or heavy industry.Traditional press feeder is a machine that USES the force of machine movement to add force to materials and carry out movement and transportation of materials.Some changes have taken place in modern punching feeder, and advanced technologies such as high pressure air and ultrasonic wave have been used in feeding technology.

In the manufacturing industry, punch feeder is widely used in hardware, stamping, electronics, electrical appliances, technology, auto parts, metal, packaging, industry, precision, aviation, cabinets, machinery, electrical, mechanical and other industries.

Punch machine factory is a professional production, the use of advanced foreign technology, import the configuration, good quality, high precision, specializing in the production of punch and punch surrounding equipment manufacturers, such as: punch tape feeder, the deflection feeder, triad punch machine, straightening machine, leveling machine, GO kandy straightening machine, punching machine, high-speed punching machine, material, feeding and discharging machine, pneumatic punching machine, precision punching machine, cutting waste, waste suction machine, the NC triad type leveling machine, etc. Series of punch press surrounding the whole factory automation equipment.


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