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JHL Type Simple Precision Straightener(Thickness: 0.15-0.5mm)

For different thickness material continuous punching use

Work together with uncoiler machine for automatic production

Can be customized

Product Description


1.This series of straighteners are specially designed for the terminal products requiring high precision planning。As we all know, coil material without leveling and stress elimination is not able to produce good product, so the performance of straightener in production plays a key role, and most of the precision straightener cost too much, so we introduced this superior and cheap product.

2.The straightening wheel and auxiliary wheel of this machine are made of imported SUJ2, and they are ground after heat treatment HRC60 degrees, starts production after plating the hard chrome and the milling to ensure the uniform of the chrome layers and the form tolerances of each bearing.。

3. The flattening adjusting adopts the single point balancing equipment ,with the index ring, which can find the leveling point rapidly.

4. Except the straightening roller, the additional feeding wheel improves the material punching precision.

5. Adopt the high precision wheels to prolong the operation time, and the frequency converter can be choosen according to the client’s requirement, which enable the special material panel straightening more competitive.

6. Due to the difference in material quality ,material width and material thickness, there is no uniform numberical reference. Therefore, it is suggested to take small sections of material for straightening before mass production and continue production after reaching the effect. 


JHL Type Simple Precision Straightener    JHL Type Simple Precision Straightener

The head of straightener

1. This series of machine head adopts simple design ,which is specially designed for terminal products requiring high precision planning.

2. Double point fine tuning is adopted to effectively prevent material deviation and deformation, which is more suitable for processing high-precision product.

3. The supporting roller is made of polyurethane without power, the material is integrated forming ,the surface is scratch-resistant and wear-resistand ,adopts mechanical bearing ,rotation is flexible and durable. The material is integrated forming ,surface is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, adopts mechanical bearing, rotation is flexible and durable.


·Straightener roller

1. The straightener wheel is made of solid bearing steel, thickened and electroplated after intermediate frequency, and the surface hardness is not low HRC58, to ensure the durability of material.

2. Forging round steel with GCr15, after preheating treatment( spheroidizing annealing),then turning , milling ,intermediate frequency treatment , rough grinding and cooling stabilization,then fine grinding ,finally electroplating ,maximize the gurantee of precision degree, concentricity, smoothness and hardness , extend the service life of straightener roller. 

JHL Type Simple Precision Straightener    JHL Type Simple Precision Straightener 

·Drive gear

The gear processing process includes the following process:gear blank processing-tooth surface processing-heat treatment-Tooth surface finishing.

Raw parts are mainly forged parts,By normalizing treatment, improve its cutting, to facilitate cutting;according to the gear design drawings, rough machining, and then half fine processing ,lathe、rolling、gear shaping,make the gear basically formed;then by heat treatment to improve the mechanical properties.According to the design requirements of the drawings, the final finishing, finishing benchmark finishing the tooth type. After the above treatment, our gear grade can reach grade 6 ,high wear resistance and strength high ,long service life                                                                                                   

·Electric control box

1. Adopt silver alloy relay ,full copper coil ,flame retardant safety base, long lasting and durable.

2. Adopt safety protection adjustment circuit time delay ,silver alloy contact ,various and dial, satisfied different delay ranges.

3. The switch adopts sliding contact ,with self-cleaning function , normally open and normally closed contact adopts separate bonding structure, can work with different poles, equipped with anti-rotation positioning and stop loose mounting gasket.

4. Adopt self-duplex flat button, the force is light, the key range is moderate, the building block type combination structure. The contact is made up of keto-base composite points with strong conductivity and large current, with a life span of up to 1 million times.

 JHL Type Simple Precision Straightener    JHL Type Simple Precision Straightener

·Power section

Adopt model 80 worm gear vertical reducer ,use the speed converter of gear , reduce the rotation number of motor to desired rotation number ,and get the mechanism with larger torque.


·Rack structure

1. This equipment adopts simple design to improve the utilization rate of the site, save cost and high cost performance.

2. The rack adopts separate assembly design,all parts of the frame are fixed with hexagon screws,simple overall structure, general technical workers can assemble and replace equipment easily and quickly, greatly reducing the cost of later maintenance.

3. The base of the frame is made of casting material, which can reduce the cracks during the production. The base can be fixed with anchor screw to increase the stability of the whole machine and improve the precision.


Max width (mm)100
Thickness (mm)0.15-0.5
Straightening speed (m/min)16
Motor (Hp)1/4HPх4P
Straightener wheel (mm)Φ18
Straightener roller number (PCS)5/6(up/down)
Guiding roller (mm)Φ38х2
Outline size (m)0.5х0.45х0.95
Weight (kg)50