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SPL Type Precision Straightener (Thickness:0.08-0.3mm)

For different thickness material continuous punching use

Work together with uncoiler machine for automatic production

Can be customized

Product Description


1. It is updated product of H series straightener specially designed for punching super thin products. As we all know, coil material can not produce good products without flattening and stress relieving treatments; therefore, the performance of the straightener is critical in the production process.

2. The flattening and the straightening secondary wheels adopt imported SUJ2, milling after HRC60° heat treatment and starts production after plating the hard chrome to ensure the evenness of the chrome layers and the form tolerances of each bearing.

3. The flattening adjusting adopts the floating four-point balancing equipment, with the dial indicator which can find the leveling point rapidly.

4. Every straightening wheel of S series precision straightening machine is equipped with leveling assistant wheel to ensure that it will not be bent in the production process, thus improving the flatness quality of products.

5. The fixed type of auxiliary roller improves the rigidity of the lower wheel and prevents deformation under force.

6. The upper auxiliary roller is of floating type, to obtain different pressure according to needs, strengthen the leveling strength life of leveling wheel and improve the flatness requirement of plate surface.

7. The transmission gear is lubricated by forced cycle immersion oil, which can reduce the wear of the gear and work under high temperature for a long time.

8. The transmission mechanism adopts synchronous and independent transmission for each leveling roller, which reduces the side clearance tolerance accumulated by gear group transmission and improves the flatness requirement of plate. 

9. The addition of lubrication system can prolong the life of the machine and keep the machine in stable working state for a long time.

10. Because material is qualitative, makings width and makings thick different, do not have unified numerical reference so, because this suggests, take before large quantities of production small segment material tries correction first, wait for after achieving the effect again successive production. 


SPL Type Precision Straightener (Thickness:0.08-0.3)    SPL Type Precision Straightener (Thickness:0.08-0.3)

·Straightener Head

1. The head is designed with parallel rollers, with 23 correction wheels in total on the upper 11/ lower 12.

2. Four point fine adjustment is adopted, which is more suitable for processing high-precision products. Four point independent pressure is used to adjust the pressure of feeding wheel for incoming and outgoing materials, which can effectively prevent deviation and deformation of materials.

3. The supporting roller adopts the galvanizing roller without power, the material is formed in one, the surface is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, the mechanical bearing is used, the rotation is flexible and durable.

4. It adopts cast iron handwheel, and its surface is electroplated. It is the most traditional handwheel.

5. The transmission part is protected by protective cover on both sides, equipped with window for convenient observation。


·Straightening roller

1. The straightening wheel is made of solid bearing steel, with medium frequency and thickening electroplating treatment. The surface hardness is not lower than HRC58 to ensure the durability of the material.

2. The round steel is forged with GCr15, after preheating treatment (spheroidal annealing), followed by turning milling, intermediate frequency treatment, rough grinding, cold stabilization, then fine grinding, and finally electroplating. Maximized the accuracy, concentricity, finish and hardness, and extended the service life of the correction roller.

SPL Type Precision Straightener (Thickness:0.08-0.3)    SPL Type Precision Straightener (Thickness:0.08-0.3) 

·Transmission Gear

Gear processing process includes the following processes: gear hair cultivation processing - tooth surface processing - heat treatment - tooth surface fine grinding. Maopei parts are mainly forgings. Through normalizing treatment, the machining type of maopei parts is improved to facilitate cutting. According to the gear design drawings, rough machining, and then semi-finishing, turning, rolling, gear shaping, so that the basic gear shape;  After the heat treatment to improve the mechanical properties. According to the design requirements of the drawings, the final finishing, finishing the benchmark, finishing the tooth profile. After the above treatment, our gear grade can reach grade 6, high wear resistance and strength high, long service life.


·Power Section

1. Adopt model 80 worm gear vertical reducer, use the speed converter of gear, reduce the rotation number of motor (motor) to the desired rotation number, and get the mechanism with larger torque.

2. Adopt vertical motor, low vibration, low noise, fixed rotor part adopts pure copper coil, life is 10 times of ordinary coil, both ends are equipped with ball bearing, low friction, low temperature.

 SPL Type Precision Straightener (Thickness:0.08-0.3)    SPL Type Precision Straightener (Thickness:0.08-0.3)

·Electric control box

1. Adopt silver alloy relay, full copper coil, flame retardant safety base, long lasting and durable.

2. Adopt safety protection regulating circuit time delay relay, silver alloy contact, various and dial, meet different time delay range.

3. The switch adopts sliding contact, has self-cleaning function, normally open and normally closed contact adopts separate bonding structure, can work with different poles, equipped with anti-rotation positioning and stop loose mounting gasket.

4. It adopts self-compound flat button button, which is light and light in strength and moderate in key range. The contact of the modular structure is made of ketone compound point, which has strong conductivity and large carrying current, and has a life span of 1 million times.


·Dial indicator, oil pump

1. Manual oil pump is adopted, which can produce oil quickly and save labor.Imp oil seal is not easy to leak and imported spring is not easy to deform and age.

2. Steel dial, seiko dial, dustproof glass, inner set of copper, copper movement,stable structure, accurate measurement.


Max. width100mm200mm
Work roller diameterΦ12Φ12
Work roller quantity11/12(Upper/Lower)11/12(Upper/Lower)