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TL Type Precision Straightener (Thickness:0.4-2.2mm)


1. After the material straightened by this machine, it is smooth and without any indentation ,not damage the material surface. It is suitable for all kinds of metal plates.

2. This machine is made of Japanese electromagnetic contact and electronic parts. It does not damage the surface of materials. It is suitable for all kinds of metal plates.

3. This machine can be used alone, also can be used together with MT type and DBMT type automatic feeding rack.

Product Description


TL Type Precision Straightener (Thickness:0.4-2.2mm)    TL Type Precision Straightener (Thickness:0.4-2.2mm)

·The head of straightener

1. The head adopts design of parallel roller, the upper 3 rollers/lower 4 rollers, totally 7 refined roller structure

2. Adopting four point fine adjustment ,which is more suitable for processing high-precision products. Four point independent pressure is used to adjust the pressure of feeding wheel for incoming and outgoing materials, which can effectively prevent deviation and deformation of materials.

3. Support roller adopts galvanizing roller without power, material integrated forming,surface resistance to scraping grinding, using mechanical bearings, rotating flexible and durable.

4. It adopts cost iron hand wheel , and its surface is electroplated, it is the most traditional hand wheel.

5. The transmission part is protected by protective cover on both sides, equipped with window for convenient observation.


·Straightener roller

1. The straightener wheel is made of solid bearing steel, thickened and electroplated after intermediate frequency, and the surface hardness is not low HRC58, to ensure the durability of material.

2. Use forging round steel with GCr15,after preheating treatment( spheroidizing annealing ),then turning, miliing,medium frequency treatment, rough grinding, cold stabilization, then fine grinding, finally electroplating .Maximize the guarantee of precision degree ,concentricity, smoothness and hardness, extend the service life of straightening roller.

TL Type Precision Straightener (Thickness:0.4-2.2mm)    TL Type Precision Straightener (Thickness:0.4-2.2mm) 

·Drive gear

The gear processing process includes the following processes: gear grinding processing - tooth surface processing - heat treatment - tooth surface finishing. The hair cultivating parts are mainly made of forgings, which are processed by normalizing to improve the cutting processing type and easy to cut; according to the gear design drawings, roughing is performed, and then semi-finishing, car, rolling and gear shaping are performed to make the gears basically form; Heat treatment is then carried out to improve the mechanical properties. According to the design requirements of the drawings, the final finishing, finishing the benchmark, finishing the tooth type. After the above treatment, our gear grade can reach 6 grades, high wear resistance, high strength and long service life.


·Power section

1. Adopt model 80 worm gear vertical reducer ,use the speed converter of gear , reduce the rotation number of motor to desired rotation number ,and get the mechanism with larger torque.

2. Adopt vertical motor, low vibration, low noise, fixed rotor part adopts pure copper coil, life is 10 times of ordinary coil, both ends are equipped with ball bearing ,low friction, low temperature.                                                 

TL Type Precision Straightener (Thickness:0.4-2.2mm)    TL Type Precision Straightener (Thickness:0.4-2.2mm)

·Electric control box

1. Adopt silver alloy relay ,full copper coil ,flame retardant safety base, long lasting and durable.

2. Adopt safety protection adjustment circuit time delay ,silver alloy contact ,various and dial, satisfied different delay ranges.

3. The switch adopts sliding contact ,with self-cleaning function , normally open and normally closed contact adopts separate bonding structure, can work with different poles, equipped with anti-rotation positioning and stop loose mounting gasket.

4. Adopt self-duplex flat button, the force is light, the key range is moderate, the building block type combination structure. The contact is made up of keto-base composite points with strong conductivity and large current, with a life span of up to 1 million times.


·Rack section

1. The whole frame is welded design,adopt the second protection welder for welding, first vertical fillet welding, then flat fillet welding, weld first short weld, then long weld, ensure tight weld, improve quality.

2. All plates are cut by laser plasma with high precision.

3. All parts are processed by numerical control and CNC, good interchangeability of equipment.

4. The overall structure is simple, general technical workers can assemble and replace equipment parts, convenient and fast ,greatly reduce the maintenance cost.