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High Speed Precision Slitting Line For Thick Plate

Reasonable layout, full automatic, high efficiency & precision

Imported high-performance Mitsubishi PLC control system

CPC & EPC system are optional for decoiling and recoiling accuracy.

Easy & safety operating system


Overseas commissioning

Product Description

High Speed Precision Slitting Line For Thick Plate

I. Product Description

The slitting line is used for coil with different specifications, through uncoiling--slitting--recoiling to any needed width coil.

Applied to process various of metal coil, such as cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, stainless steel, galvanize steel, aluminum, silicon steel, colored steel or painted steel.

Slitting line is widely applying in metal plate processing industry, like auto car, container, household application, packing, construction material, etc.

II. Features

With reasonable layout, full automatic, high efficiency, high productivity, high precision, high quality, steady running, easy operating.

Imported high-performance Mitsubishi PLC control system is used to realize global control.

CPC & EPC system are optional for improve decoiling and recoiling accuracy.

With reliable and stable hydraulic system, high-strength, high-rigidity structure, and rational site configurations, the device is more convenient and practical for your operation.

III. Technical Specification

No.ModelRaw MaterialTHK (mm)Width (mm)ID(mm)OD(mm)Weight (T)Width accuracy (mm)Slit No.  (pcs)Slitting width (mm)Speed (m/min)Capacity (kw)Flood space   (m*m)

carton steel

stainless steel

aluminum or other steel material

26.0x8001.0-6.0200-800Φ508/610/ 760≤15≤24≥30≤60≈22015x5.5
PS:All above specifications only for reference, also can customize as your request.

IV. Main Components

(1) Coil car

(2) Uncoiler

(3) Pinching device, Straightener and Shearing machine

(4) Looper

(5) Side guiding

(6) Slitting machine

(7) Scrap recoiler  (both sides)

(8) Looper

(9) Separator and tension device

(10) Recoiler

(11) Unloading car for recoiler

(12) Hydraulic system

(13) Pneumatic system

(14) Electrical control system

V. Technical process

Coil car → uncoiling → pinching, straightening and coil head cutting → looper → guiding → slitting → side scrap winding → looper → material pre dividing, tension → recoiling → unloading car

LH-SL4.0-16 Technical Parameter.PDF