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STS Series Precision Straightener Width: 150.0mm~350.0mm Thickness: 0.4mm~2.2mm

For thin thickness material continuous punching use

Work together with uncoiler machine for automatic production

Can be customized

Product Description

Straightener / Leveler

Max. material width150mm200mm300mm350mm
Material thickness0.4-2.2mm
Straightening speed16m/min
Rough straightening roller diameterΦ45mm
Rough straightening roller quantity2/3(up/down)
Precise straightening roller diameterΦ34mm
Precise straightening roller quantity7/8(up/down)
Guide rollerΦ80*4mm

Feature of STS Straightener:

This is a special designed straightener for medium thick products that need improving the high precision punching treatment. As we all know, coil materials can not produce good products without the flattening and stress relieving treatments; therefore, the performance of the straightener is critical in the production process.

Since the curvature of each point is different, it’s difficult to reach high precision straightening requirement by only rectifying roll laying. STL adopts rough straightening for the wide rows, precise straightening for narrow rows and diverse laying principle. The rough straightening brings the material the same bend arcs, then use the precise straightening to  meet the customer punching requirement.

The flattening and the straightening secondary wheels adopt the imported SUJ2, milling after HRC60°heat treatment and starts production after plating the hard chrome to ensure evenness of the chrome layers and the form tolerances of each bearing.

Rough straightening adopts the worm wheel and screw synchronous pushing down dial mechanism, with dial indicator which can find the leveling point rapidly.

The precise straightening adopts the floating four-point balancing equipment, with the dial indicator which can find the leveling point rapidly.

Adopts the cardan joint and the gear transmission, suitable for straightening high precision requirement products.

Except the straightening roller the additional feeding wheel improves the punching precision.

Each straightening wheel of the S series precision straightener adopts the flatting satellite wheel to prevent the distortion in the manufacturing process from happening, which improved the products flatness quality.

With the fixed top and bottom secondary roller enhanced the top and bottom wheel rigidity and prevent it distorts.

Due to the differences of the material quality, width and thickness, there are no fixed values as the preferences; therefore, taking some materials for pilot run before the mass production and start the continuous assembly after it reaches the standard.

STS Technical Parameter.PDF