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Double ends decoiler machine material equipment recoiling supplier



1.Save material changing time, improve production efficiency
2.Can work with straightener.
3.Can be changed to motorized by add motor and control box.
4.With manual and hydraulic two kinds of expansion type.
5.This machine is suitable for high speed punching, such as stator, rotor and ET sheet, etc. 

Product Description

Machine description

Line-up with leveler economy and practically.

Save production time by loading the next coil.

Double head rotation by foot pedal.

Details information refer to the introduction of MT-type.

image.png    image.png

Body structure

1. This machine is composed of three parts: frame, spindle case body and load rack. The main shaft box is the carrier with long wheelbase support. With small volume, small area occupation, large loading capacity and using flexible features.

2. Adopt two-axis structure, it can loading material while using, which can greatly save the material changing time, improve production capacity and reduce production cost.

3. It has motorized and motorless two types to option, it can work with straightener. 

Main shaft and tile

1. The tiles are made of A3 material, flashing process after blanking, then milling the tile’s inclined angle, then bending, drilling and milling.

2. All nuts which needed to fix each part adopt non-slip nuts, to prevent them falling off during operation, and avoiding damaging the machine or injuring people.

3. Spindle screw and screw sleeve are made of fine machining to ensure the smoothness of adjusting inner and outer diameter and avoid unnecessary downtime.

image.png    image.png

 Power part

1. Adopt model 80 worm gear vertical reducer, use the speed converter of gear , reduce the rotation number of motor to desired rotation number ,and get the mechanism with larger torque.

2. Adopt vertical motor, low vibration, low noise, stator rotor part adopt pure copper coil, life is 10 times of ordinary coil, both ends are equipped with ball bearing, low friction, low temperature.

Electric control box

1. Adopt silver alloy relay, full copper coil, flame retardant safety base, long lasting and durable.

2. Adopt safety protection adjustment circuit time delay relay, silver alloy contact, satisfied different delay ranges.

3. The switch adopts sliding contact ,with self-cleaning function , normally open and normally closed contact adopts separate bonding structure, can work with different poles, equipped with anti-rotation positioning and stop loose mounting gasket.

4. Adopt self-duplex flat button, the force is light, the key range is moderate, the building block type combination structure. The contact is made up of keto-base composite points with strong conductivity and large current, with a life span of up to 1 million times.


The base part

1. The whole frame is welded design,adopt the second protection welder for welding, first vertical fillet welding, then flat fillet welding; first short welding, then long welding, to ensure weld closely, improve quality.

2. All plates are cut by laser plasma with high precision.

3. All parts are processed by numerical control and CNC, with good interchangeability.

4. The overall structure is simple, it is convenient for general technical workers to assemble and replace, can greatly reduces the maintenance cost.

TypeMaterial width (mm)Coil.I.Dia (mm)Coil.O.Dia (mm)Coil Weight (kg)


Hydraulic expansion of the mandrel ( for 3 ton above uncoiler )

Pneumatic / hydraulice coil hold down arm (for 1.6mm above thickness )

AC variable speed drives

Load coil car

Note: Custom engineering can be provided to meet any application demands.