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Automatic Uncoiler winder coil machine roll winding machine


1.Adopt horizontal turntable feeding style, with large loading capacity, can up to 2T, the coil material can be placed overlapped to reduce the material loading times and save material changing time. It adopts two-stage speed and can adjust and track the machine working speed separately, the feeding speed can up to 0-24m/min.

2.With reasonable structure, low gravity center for discharging material.

3.Two-stage speed adjusted automatically, adopt tension switch device, the tension, the first stage and second stage can be adjusted individually, feeding smoothly.

Product Description


Save floor space, coil material loading time and increase production with this excellent LIHAO Electronically Controlled Pallet Reel. The FU's specialty is light gauge, thin material with narrow width, such as tab stock material for beverage cans, electrical parts and other related industries.

Working principle

Flat decoiler adopts horizontal flat carrying material method, through induction swing rod to control frequency conversion motor drive disc rotation, material through the steering wheel into the pulling roller, speed regulating motor drive the pulling roller rotating through the tensioner, feeding the material, when the material length is more than the press machine needed, swing rod swing downward, disc motor speed will slow down and eventually stop, at the moment, the pulling roller continue to rotating. When the flat disc stop, the material is pulled tightly, the pulling roller will stop, but the roll motor will continue to rotate, the tensioner skidded and does not work, the tension can be adjusted to pull the material without damage, thus to continuously feed in a cycle.

The machine has the characteristics of strong structure, overlapping placed, speed adjustable, and variable speed, easy operation and so on. It is suitable for all kinds of metal, nonmetal and thin coil material.


Material width100mm120mm150mm
Material thickness0.1-1.2mm
Max.Pallet weight500kg1000kg1500kg
Max.Table stacking height400mm600mm800mm
Max.Pallet Dia600mm800mm1000mm
Table speed range3.6-24m/min

Standard Accessory:

Coil material head up/down controller

LED display and speed controller

Emergency stop